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Complimentary Pick Up and Delivery


Let us help you with your weekly “to do’ list.  Sign up for our complimentary route service and reap the immediate reward of more time… no more worries about stopping at the cleaners on your way to and from work.  Reap the health benefits too, by keeping your blood pressure down.  No more “stuck in traffic and I’m not going to make it by the cleaners before they close” days.


Download your route application today and drop it off at either location or mail it to our office.  You will receive a large green laundry bag with our Logo and a wreath hanger for the door of your choosing…front, back, garage or office.  Call today to check your service area for pick up and delivery days.

Print the Registration Form






How It Works:

To get added to the Pick up and Delivery route, you need to print the Registration From and drop it off or mail it in to us.

NOTE:   We will need your credit or debit card information. Your card will be billed when each weekly delivery to your home takes place.

1. Leave your garments in your laundry bag at the designated location. If you have any special instructions regarding stains or repairs, please safety pin a note in a conspicuous location to the outside of your garment bag.

2. Your garments will be delivery back to your designated area on the next scheduled pick-up and delivery day.

We take pride in our business knowing that we can provide the highest level of customer service in the dry cleaning industry!

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